Where we come from?

The story of a dream

ITESAL begins its extrusion activity on October 8, 1992 with an extrusion press of 1600 tons of thrust in a 2,530 m2 warehouse.
Construction of 2,160 m2 of warehouse. Initiation and start-up of our own carpentry systems (CE-40 and PR-45) RPT assembly line with a FONT team, and initiation of the Systems profiles warehouse.

Purchase of a new 15,000 m2 plot, construction of 2 warehouses with a total of 5,500 m2, installation of a horizontal lacquering plant.

Expansion of the second warehouse in the extrusion area to 2,856 m2 and installation of a 2nd push extrusion press of 2,200 tons.

Consolidation of the regulatory warehouse for catalog profiles of our systems in the second "lacquered" plot.

Itesal grows

Expansion of 4,500 m2 in two warehouses on the second plot and start-up of the first ALURO machine. Installation of a second "Carousel" coating line. Replacement of the first 1,600-ton extrusion press by others with new 1800-ton technologies.
Purchase of a third plot in the 30,000 m2 polygon.
Construction of two warehouses on the new plot of 6,468 m2 6,068 m2 plus 440 m2, plant for the installation of the headquarters and offices.
Purchase of the second ALURO line and installation in the new warehouses and transfer of the 1st. Development of packaging lines and customer material dispatch area.
Construction of three new warehouses for 10,584 m2 for the installation of the vertical lacquering plant "TREVISAN". Transfer of regulatory warehouse, carousel lacquering line and dispatch area.

Installation of a cold tunnel in the 2200 press. Installation of an automatic matrix warehouse. Improvement of die heating systems.
Itesal wins the BUSINESS EXCELLENCE award from the Government of Aragon
Itesal attends the Zaragoza Trade Fair
Celebration of Itesal first 25th-anniversary
Historical exhibition at the Zaragoza Chamber




1st National Novel Architecture Award for Itesal Ventanas
Itesal attends the VETECO Fair with its own stand, at IFEMA Madrid
Armando Mateos, Itesal’s General Manager, is re-elected president of the Spanish Aluminium Association.

Participation in the Edificación’s Gala Dinner
Incorporation of a new Aluroller machine for BTB
Mercedes Borque, Itesal's Commercial-Industrial Manager, is granted the ADEA Award for Exterior Promotion.

Expansion of the Packaging and Customer Warehouse facilities
Collaborative actions to combat COVID-19
The San Pablo Burgos (ACB Team)

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