At Itesal, we have a large extrusion capacity reaching 15,000 tonnes per year, with different alloys such as: 1050, 6060, 6063, 6463, 6005 and 6082. Reaching a lacquering quantity of 4,728,000 m² per year. The continuous improvement applied to the flow of materials, ergonomics and occupational health and safety, strengthen our objectives to increase customer satisfaction, higher product quality and better productivity, as well as the satisfaction of our workforce. Our production plants are certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and the QUALICOAT SEASIDE class, and the dimensional control of profiles is carried out with an ASCONA scanner system that verifies the accuracy of the correctly extruded profile.
The Solar and Wind sector are flourishing industries in which we focus an important part of production.

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Quality is Itesal’s main objective.

Our quality system has been certified since 2003 by AENOR with the 9001/2015 standard:
*Analyse what to do (to avoid)
*Doing what was decided (to be controlled)
*Documenting the results (to be recorded)
The Quality Department issues certificates to guarantee the exact fulfilment of the product features required by the customer. Our lacquering plant has the
These features make it suitable for use in sectors such as the Naval and Aeronautical industry.



Flexibility, the quality of our processes, our services and our products, the continuous research and development work carried out by our Engineering Products Department at Itesal, and our rigorous quality control, are the four main bases of our business and allow us to be among the leaders of the aluminium industry in Spain.  
One of the most common applications of this aforementioned flexibility is that applied to the Sports Equipment sector.





Our Engineering Department meets the needs of customers, helping them to develop their projects and innovating in every process.  
All of this is the best option to guarantee the stability, competitiveness and service that your company needs.
Every aluminium application requires an appropriate technology, so sectors like that of Automotive or Electronics are customers with whom we collaborate to develop the best products suitable for their environment.




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